Between the transparent Mediterranean Sea and coast and the deep Atlantic Ocean lies on the seabed a hidden beautiful underwater world. Diving enthusiasts can discover there a paradise that stretches from the rocky Costa Brava to the Balearics and finally to Almeria. Due to the numerous shipwrecks in the past, some places are worthy to be mentioned: Albarán on the coast of Almeria, the Medes Islands in Catalonia, the bays of the Balearic and Canary Islands. The beauty of the place consists of different kinds of soil with living nature under the sea.

Generally, no special equipment is required for diving because there is enough light to dive on a reasonable depth in the Mediterranean; the temperature is such that one does not need diving suits. The sea welcomes the water sports lovers with open arms.


The Spaniards are known for their love of feasts. Hence, there are plenty of local festivals in the country. As a tourist it is possible to take part in them and this way to keep in contact with Spanish culture and history. In addition to the local festivals, there are some other national holidays celebrated to the fullest.

Most holidays have emerged from the Catholic beliefs that the country knows and honors. The holidays usually last for a day, but sometimes, as in case of big festivals, they take several days.

The national holidays are:

  • January 1: New Year (Año Nuevo)
  • January 6: Epiphany (Epifania del Señor)
  • March 19: San Jose
  • 8 to 15 April: Holy Week (Semana Santa)
  • March / April: Maundy Thursday (Jueves Santo) and Good Friday (Viernes Santo)
  • March / April: Easter (Día de Pascua)
  • 1 May: Labour Day (Día del Trabajo)
  • June: Pentecost (Pentecostés)
  • 14 to 17 June: Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi)
  • 15 August: Assumption (Asunción de la Virgen)
  • October 12: National Day (Fiesta Nacional de España)
  • November 1: All Saints Day (Todos los Santos)
  • 6 December: Constitution Day (Día de la Constitución Española)
  • December 8: Immaculate Conception (Inmaculada Concepción)
  • December 25: Christmas (Navidad)



More of twenty golf courses with the signature of the most prestigious designers and champions of this sport, located in a typically mediterranean landscape. The Valencian community is a suitable destination in which to enjoy the best golf of Spain in an excellent climate all year round.

Find in this complete golf guide to the Valencian community, information about how to arrive, services, maps and golf clubs cards. Courses and lessons in golf, photos and webcams of the golf clubs of Valencia, Castellon, on the Costa Azahar and all the golf courses of Alicante, Benidorm and the Spanish Costa Blanca.

Recognised Golf clubs such as El Saler Golf Club, where The Seve Trophy was celebrated, among others.



Hikers, climbers and cyclists have the unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Spanish sceneries in the nature reserves, national parks, ecological and wildlife sanctuaries. From the misty forests in the north where some of the last European colonies lived in and the brown bears lairs in the South of Sierra de Aracena where the tastiest Spanish Serrano Jams cure.

There is a countless number of walks to be made in the area. For example, you can enjoy the pure Mediterranean landscapes like l’Empordà in Catalonia, Castilian pine forests like that of Covaleda in the Picos de Urbión of Soria province, river sources such as the origin of the Cuervorivier in Cuenca; subtropical areas as the Orotavadal in Tenerife and many other areas in which you can combine hiking with mountain climbing or rafting amidst an impressive nature.

Water sports

BELLA MENTE, Sail n: USA45, Owner: HAP FAUTH, Group 0 (IRC >18.29 mt)

A complete guide to water sports activities in the Valencian community. An excellent destination for water sports and sailing, with one of the best regatta fields in Europe and one of the most active and important harbours of the Mediterranean, as confirmed by the selection of Valencia as the location to hold the 2007 America’s Cup.

We offer you from north to south, all the yacht clubs, sports harbours and water sports companies of Valencia, Benidorm, Alicante on the Costa Blanca and Castellon on the Costa Azahar. Where you will be able to enjoy regattas, sailing, windsurfing in modern installations characterized by their quality and diversity, many of which can be seen via the webcams available through these pages.

Images, webcams and the most complete weather information in real time, as well as the weather forecasts for total enjoyment of the sea.

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